Trimix Flooring Set

Jamshedji Constro Equipment is the leading and most reliable Trimix Flooring Set/ machine manufacturer & exporter in Pune, Maharashtra offering wide range of services including Trimix Flooring Services. We always ensures the quality of complete technical aspects. Thia type of flooring mostly being done in the industrial sector. We have the best trimix flooring set in pune cause we strongly believe in quality over anything else.

  • Industrial Flooring, Warehouse Container Yards, Concreteroads, Runways, Railways, Platforms, Cannallining, Pathways.
  • Ports & Jetty Heads, Bridges, Heavy Vehicle Depots, Concrete Products.

  • Higher Compressive Strengths, Faster Intial Strength, Reduced Shrinkage, Reduced Permeability, Abrasion Resistant Flooring, Faster Speed Of Construction, 28 Days Strength Gained In 7 Days, Cement Saving By Approx : 15 %, Reduced Shuttering Time.